"How to Improve Your
Memory Simply and Easily
— Even After Age 50"

Dear Newsmax Friend,

Do you feel frustrated . . . when you forget names, faces, appointments, even where you left your keys?

Sick of embarrassing yourself . . . in front of friends and family members with those "senior moments?"

Tired of hearing — even from your own doctor . . . how you should just accept memory loss due to aging as normal?

You can't blame your doctor.

Prior to 1998, scientists believed that the brain only lost cells. They were certain the brain could NOT grow new cells.

Fortunately, exciting new medical discoveries have changed all that. And even your own doctor may not know about them.

Research Now Indicates that the
Human Brain Can Form New Brain Cells

And your brain acts much like a muscle, improving with use . . .

So what you do in your day-to-day life (or don't do) plays a powerful role in your ability to remember, a key function of your brain.

That's why editors of the Newsmax's The Mind Health Report have put together a Special Report outlining key elements that have a positive or negative impact on your brain's health.

So now you can improve your memory simply and easily.

Increase Memory After 50: The Eight-Week Plan

Because we've set aside a FREE COPY of this Special Report just for you. You'll see how to claim it shortly . . .

Increase Memory After 50: The Eight-Week Plan

In this report, Increase Memory After 50: The Eight-Week Plan, you’ll discover exactly how to:

  • Regenerate lost brain cells
  • Restore and prevent memory loss
  • Retool your brain connections for better mental clarity
  • Replace brain fog with a revved-up, sharper mind

And it's not difficult, either. In fact, you'll find simple, practical steps that will help you develop a fun, memory-boosting way of life.

There isn't time in this letter to go into everything this report reveals.

But to give you a small taste of what you'll discover, here's one little-known problem that can affect your ability to remember.

WARNING: Popular Drugs Can
Rob You of Your Memory

Statins are among the most commonly prescribed drugs in medicine.

RXDoctors love to hand them out like candy in order to lower your cholesterol.

But they don't tell you about the thousands of people who've suffered memory deterioration from taking statins. And they don't tell you that memory impairment is the second most-common adverse effect of statins after muscle aches.

And even when you do take statins and then have memory issues, most physicians will dismiss your memory-related side effects.

Why? Because most doctors are either uninformed or attribute all memory decline to aging.

And cholesterol-lowering drugs are just one category of medication you need to be aware of.

Here are some other categories of drugs that could affect your memory:

  • Sleep aids
  • Antibiotics
  • Antihistamines
  • Steroids
  • Hormones
  • Antidepressants
  • Drugs for pain, anxiety, nausea, ulcers, seizures, and blood pressure

In Increase Memory After 50: The Eight-Week Plan, you'll discover a number of memory-robbing issues to avoid, and simple, proactive, positive measures you can take — measures that are not common knowledge.

You'll get a complete and FUN memory–boosting program you can start immediately, with practical tips spanning an eight-week period of time.

Seriously FUN . . . In fact, you can help your memory with something as simple as a deck of playing cards.

In your FREE REPORT, you'll also find:

  • Little-known memory-enhancing nutrients . . .
  • Healthy fats and foods that protect and enhance your memory . . .
  • Exercises and activities to build new brain cells . . .
  • How to eliminate the harmful effects of brain-draining stress . . .
  • Why something as simple as flossing your teeth is essential to your brain health . . .
  • The inexpensive device you should be wearing any time you're not in bed . . .
  • And so much more . . .

If you remember nothing else, remember this:

Memory Loss Is Something You
Don't Want to Ignore . . .

A recent Duke University study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine indicates that more than 5 million elderly people have difficulty remembering things, making daily decisions, sometimes even knowing what day it is.

And what's worse, an estimated 3.4 million Americans have full dementia or Alzheimer's disease.

These numbers are expected to jump even higher as baby boomers age.

We don't want to see you or your loved ones add to these sad statistics.

So please take advantage of your FREE eight-week memory-boosting program courtesy of Newsmax Health.

And that's not all.

In your complimentary mind-enhancing report, you'll also find:

  • Secrets to curbing your "monster" cravings for sweets, cigarettes,
    alcohol, or other urges (Warning: these cravings are a sign that
    your brain has been "hijacked") . . .
  • How apple juice can reduce the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease . . .
  • How the dangers of cellphone use have been underestimated
    (Plus, four simple ways to protect yourself from potential
    cellphone brain damage) . . .
  • Better than drugs? (New studies show the beverage kava is actually far
    safer than prescription medications for anxiety and depression) . . .
  • How an erratic sleep schedule could put you at risk for suicide . . .
  • And much more . . .

Your FREE REPORT covers a lot of ground when it comes to fighting back against a fading brain.

But that's not all. To make this an even more unbeatable offer, we've also set aside ANOTHER FREE GIFT for you.

So Here's Another Reason
Why You Don't Want to Delay

Now you can claim yet another FREE TOOL for your mental toolbox with this powerful book:

Save Your Brain: 5 Things You Must Do
to Keep Your Mind Young and Sharp

Clinical neuropsychologist and "brain health ambassador" Paul David Nussbaum, Ph.D., says your brain is the most brilliant and magnificent system ever designed in the entire universe.

And in his popular book Save Your Brainyours FREE — you'll discover simple and practical tips you can use to begin the process of living a proactive brain health lifestyle.

Dr. Nussbaum's brain health lifestyle consists of five slices of the brain health "pie":

  1. Socialization — Building a supportive network of family and friends, having a role and purpose for getting up each day, and remaining involved in your community all reduce your risk for dementia or early mental aging.
  2. Mental stimulation — Engaging in novel and complex new learning experiences promotes your brain health and fosters mental stimulation. Mental stimulation includes such activities as learning a new language, traveling, writing, art and music, playing games, even debating new ideas.
  3. Physical activity — Your brain demands more blood, oxygen, and glucose from each heartbeat than any other part of your body. So moving makes your brain very happy! A recent study found that as little as three hours per week of brisk walking can help your body produce new brain cells.
  4. Spirituality — This aspect recognizes the importance of lowering stress in your life, slowing down, and appreciating the moment. Spirituality can include prayer, formal religious worship, meditation, breathing exercises, or other relaxation techniques.
  5. Nutrition — What you eat literally changes the physical and functional aspect of your body, relating directly to your brain health. You'll see the nutrients and supplements that promote a healthy brain.

Within each of these five key areas, you'll discover numerous simple, research-based activities proven to promote your brain health — and potentially delay or prevent the onset of memory loss and neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's.

In your FREE BOOK, you'll find everything you need to keep your brain fit, young, and sharp:

  • How to create new brain cells with simple exercise such as walking . . .
  • Why retirement can truly be hazardous to your health . . .
  • The brain-saving power of hobbies . . .
  • Why you want your brain to remain the fattest part of your body . . .
  • Why your brain desperately needs you to engage in activities that
    are both new and difficult (even if you fail at some of them) . . .
  • Why you need to build an ambidextrous brain (and how activities such
    as dancing, gardening or knitting will help) . . .
  • Why prolonged television viewing can expose you to brain
    disease later in life . . .
  • How to use the power of "brain reserve" to fight off or delay the onset of neurodegenerative diseases . . .
  • Tasty meal plans and recipes designed with your brain in mind . . .
  • And much more . . .

This softcover 208-page book sells in bookstores for $16.95 — but it's yours FREE.

So enjoy your FREE SPECIAL REPORT, Increase Memory After 50: The Eight-Week Plan — and your FREE BOOK, Save Your Brain.

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But with critical information regarding every aspect of brain health right at your fingertips — well, just imagine how much more you can do with your life . . .

The Mind Health Report

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The Mind Health Report

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Feature Articles. Top experts will take you by the hand — and give you practical techniques to help you improve and expand your brain function.

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Mind Health Insights. Here, new findings in research give you plenty to think about in terms of what you can do to boost your own brainpower, and ultimately your overall health. You'll find tips, tricks, and techniques to improve your brain capabilities simply and easily.

And let's summarize briefly what you'll claim with your FREE Mind Health Memory Pack:

Gift # 1 : FREE SPECIAL REPORT — Increase Memory
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Gee, that's a lot of free stuff with a total value of $37.90!

The next move is yours.

And I suspect that if you've taken a few minutes to read this letter, you're seriously interested in making sure your brain serves you well for a lifetime.

All that's left now for you to do is to take positive action. Don't miss out on this time-limited offer. Odds are, if you wait, you'll forget — and that's the whole point, isn't it?

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So here's to your healthy brain — and marvelous memory at any age.

Nancy Reynolds
For Newsmax Health

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