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Dear Health-Conscious Friend,

We hope you have enjoyed your subscription to Dr. Gary Small’s Mind Health Report.

As we grow older, it becomes clear that without a decent mind and optimally functioning brain, our quality of life diminishes rapidly.

That’s why Gary Small, M.D., fills every issue of Mind Health Report with the latest advancements in brain research from the frontiers of neuroscience. You’ll hear about breakthrough techniques for improving your memory and brain health — described in plain English for the layperson.

Plus, you’ll read fascinating case studies from Dr. Small, one of America’s leading brain experts — and director of the UCLA Longevity Center.

In Mind Health Report, you’ll discover the latest news on topics such as:

  • Alzheimer’s disease breakthroughs
  • Dealing with anxiety and depression
  • Foods and supplements for a better
  • Simple ways to improve your memory after age 50
  • Reducing your chronic stress levels
  • Improving sleep for better brain health
  • Secrets to successful, long-lasting relationships
  • Promising new drugs that aid mental functioning
  • How to be happier and more energetic
  • Successful aging in body, mind, and spirit
  • Alzheimer’s disease breakthroughs
  • Dealing with anxiety and depression
  • Foods and supplements for a better brain
  • Simple ways to improve your memory after age 50
  • Reducing your chronic stress levels
  • Improving sleep for better brain health
  • Secrets to successful, long-lasting relationships
  • Promising new drugs that aid mental functioning
  • How to be happier and more energetic
  • Successful aging in body, mind, and spirit

Plus, with your subscription, you also get 24/7 access to the entire online archive of all past Mind Health Report issues and special reports dating back over eight years. With this benefit, you can look up whatever interests you and read about it at your leisure.

Keep Your Brain Young for a Long & Healthy Life

There’s no doubt, your regular subscription to Mind Health Report is already a bargain . . . But if you’re like most folks, you want the best deal you can possibly get.

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When you renew your subscription for five years, your total investment is only $125 — just $25 per year. This means you save 37% off the current subscription rate for new subscribers.

But it gets even better . . .

We’ll also throw in five FREE bonus gifts with a total value of $175.92. This means you claim a whopping total of $250.67 in savings and bonuses.

Where could you ever find a better deal than this?

You pay $125 and receive over $175 worth of gifts! PLUS — you get five full years of Mind Health Report.

Here are the valuable bonuses you will receive with this five-year offer:

Doctors Health Secrets Video Library

A $97 value!


Doctors’ Health Secrets Video Library

Dr. Gary Small and three other cutting-edge M.D.s recorded many of their most powerful findings, insights, and recommendations. You’ll receive all of them in a complete 10-DVD boxed set of their talks. Dr. Small discusses his unique four-minute technique to boost your memory, along with simple cures for excessive stress, depression, brain fog, and low libido. Find the best of conventional and holistic medical tips in this unique collection from four medical experts.

The Longevity Bible

A $21.99 value!


The Longevity Bible: 8 Essential Strategies for Keeping Your Mind Sharp and Your Body Young

The old saying goes that “living well is the best revenge.” In recent years, that’s come to signify a rich and lavish lifestyle, rather than aging with good health, vitality, and a keen mind. But all the luxury in the world won’t make up for an existence that’s lacking those three things. In The Longevity Bible, aging expert Dr. Gary Small offers proven — yet fun and exciting — ways to keep your brain, body, and attitude young and vital well into your 70s and beyond.

The Vitamin Cure

A $19.99 value!


The Vitamin Cure

Finally — take the guesswork out of using vitamins and supplements. In The Vitamin Cure, Dr. Monte Lai provides practical, science-based knowledge about vitamins and essential elements for the prevention and treatment of 75 different conditions. Discover how to safely and effectively treat major killers and nagging chronic health issues, including depression, Alzheimer’s, migraines, heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis, and dozens more.

The Oxygen Cure

A $19.99 value!


The Oxygen Cure

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is safe, painless, and often life-saving. You will see how this “best-kept secret in medicine” can treat conditions such as early dementia, stroke, fibromyalgia, and many more. Plus, you’ll discover how HBOT can even slow down the effects of aging. Hyperbaric expert William S. Maxfield, M.D., also explains how HBOT could help thousands of seniors dumped in nursing homes, as well as untold numbers of our wounded veterans.

Save Your Brain

A $16.95 value!


Save Your Brain: The 5 Things You Must Do to Keep Your Mind Young and Sharp

Save Your Brain is an easy-to-follow guide to getting your brain in the best shape possible — and keeping it there for life. Clinical neuropsychologist Paul Nussbaum presents a comprehensive yet simple program for fighting off dementia and other debilitating diseases. He offers concrete, actionable tips to help you improve the following five critical areas of brain health: physical, mental, social, spiritual, and nutritional.

If You Have Questions . . .

    Don’t worry — if you have time remaining on your subscription, you can (and should) still take advantage of this special offer. Your renewal will just start when your current subscription expires.
  • We’ve kept the cost of investing in Mind Health Report at a super-low rate for many years now. But as expenses continue to go up, we were recently forced to raise our rates from $39.95 per year to $42.95. Lucky you! You’ve locked in the lower rate for the length of your renewal term. That’s a smart decision.
  • We’ve been publishing Mind Health Report since June of 2010, and it remains one of our most popular newsletters. We view our subscribers as family and want to continue building upon the last decade with many more years of valuable advice. Dr. Small has every intention of writing Mind Health Report for many years to come.

    For your peace of mind, however, your subscription comes with our Guaranteed Prorated Refund Policy.

    The Guaranteed Prorated Refund Policy states that you can lock in your subscription for up to five years. However, if at some point down the road you choose to cancel your subscription, you get a FULL REFUND of the unused portion of your subscription term.

    So, if you sign up for the five-year term, and after one year you decide to stop your subscription — just call, email, or fax us and we will give you a full refund of the remaining years. Even if you sign up today, but change your mind tomorrow, you get a full refund of the unused portion. No questions asked. No hoops to jump through. No tricks!

100% Satisfaction Fully Guaranteed!

If, at any time, you are ever dissatisfied with your subscription, you may cancel within one year from the time your payment has been processed for a prorated refund of all unmailed issues — no questions asked — and keep all your free gifts and any issues you received.

You have nothing to lose, and so much to gain by locking in your renewal subscription to Dr. Small’s Mind Health Report today. Especially when you can combine your savings with valuable bonus gifts.

But remember . . .

This special ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ renewal offer is only available until Sept. 27th at 6 p.m. EDT — so don’t delay!

We’d hate for you to miss out.

Dr. Small and all of us at Newsmax Health thank you for being part of the Mind Health Report family.


Nancy Reynolds
For Newsmax Health

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