The Mind Health Report
The Mind Health Report

YES! Send me my own FREE copy of Dr. Gary Small’s New York Times best-selling book The Memory Bible (a $17.99 value). I understand that this easy-to-read book will show me how to build my memory skills far beyond the basics, and provides “brain training without straining.”

Plus, I will also receive a FREE copy of Dr. Small’s Special Report: Boost Your Memory With These Simple Strategies (a $15.00 value). I will receive these items just for agreeing to try a subscription to Dr. Gary Small’s Mind Health Report at a low rate of only $39.95 for a year (12 monthly issues).

This memory-boosting order will consist of the following:

#1: FREE Book
The Memory Bible

This best-selling book by Gary Small, M.D., contains many innovative strategies for keeping your brain young, including
fun and practical memory exercises and a complete brain-fitness program. Based on Dr. Small’s recent scientific discoveries and the latest brain research, his program has already helped thousands of people enhance their memory for everyday issues and improve other crucial brain skills necessary to maintaining
a healthy brain for life.

#2: FREE Bonus Report
Boost Your Memory With These Simple Strategies

In this Special Report, you’ll get a complete review of the 3 easy steps in Dr. Small’s “Look, Snap, Connect” technique — each step based on an important function in the overall memory process. You’ll also discover the #1 way to stop misplacing things such as your keys or glasses, along with other simple tools to improve your daily memory and brain function.

#3: 1-Year Subscription to
Dr. Gary Small's Mind Health Report

Every month, Dr. Gary Small’s Mind Health Report brings you unequaled access to the leading brain science in the world. You’ll discover how to power-pack your brain for happiness and success, sharpen your memory and thought
processes, beat back depression, make better decisions, improve your relationships, and gain other tips and tricks to protect your body’s most important organ.

Claim Your 12-Month Subscription to
Dr. Gary Small's Mind Health Report!

To receive your FREE 4-Minute Memory Kit and gift package in the mail, you just agree to “audition” the Dr. Gary Small's Mind Health Report at the low rate of only $39.95 for a one-year subscription (12 monthly issues delivered by mail) — so you can discover even more great strategies for your overall health and wellness. Plus, you get online access to all past issues.

In Dr. Gary Small's Mind Health Report, you will find ways to:

  • Improve your memory and enhance your relationships . . .
  • Prevent mental decline, dementia, and mind-ruining diseases such as Alzheimer's . . .
  • And live a longer, happier, and healthier life . . .

Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed

We’re certain you will enjoy Dr. Gary Small's Mind Health Report. However, if you are not satisfied, you have a full 30 days to cancel for a 100% refund. Even after 30 days, within six months of your purchase date you can get a pro-rated refund on any unused portion of your subscription. Plus, you can keep your book, report, and any newsletter issues you have received.

And as another value-added “perk,” shipping for your book, report, and subscription costs you nothing.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Sales tax included where applicable. Your subscription to Dr. Gary Small's Mind Health Report comes with convenient automatic renewal. At the end of your subscription, we'll notify you. If you want to keep the publication, do nothing and we'll renew your subscription using your credit/debit card on file and charge you the lowest renewal rate then in effect. There is no risk, you can cancel within the first six months for a full refund of the unused portion of your subscription.

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