“Nearly a third of patients diagnosed with Alzheimer’s don’t have the disease.”
— Dr. Gary Small

It’s true. Roughly 30% of patients experiencing all of the typical symptoms of Alzheimer’s don’t actually have the disease.

A full 10% of people with Alzheimer’s symptoms are actually experiencing the side effects of medication. And reducing or replacing that medication often reverses the memory lapses, confusion, and cognitive decline we associate with the disease.

This is the good news that Dr. Small get to share with the people who come to his office.

The bad news is that one in 10 people in our country will ultimately develop Alzheimer’s. It’s still one of the scariest diseases on the planet and there is no one-size-fits-all magic bullet or secret sauce.

But there are some little-known solutions, research-proven insights, and simple-to-use strategies to ensure a rich, active, and fulfilling life, even in the face of Alzheimer’s. Both for the patients and their caregivers.

And he’d like to share that hope and understanding with you about his book, The Small Guide to Alzheimer’s Disease.

This book is the culmination of years of extensive research and hands-on experience working directly with patients and their caregivers. People who came to his office, often terrified for their future, who got to leave with a fresh perspective and renewed hope.

Dr. Oz Says It’s a
‘Must Read’!

“This practical field guide deciphers the complex diagnosis and treatment tools that everyone must understand to combat this epidemic.”

—Dr. Mehmet Oz

  • The role depression plays in Alzheimer’s — it may be one of the earliest warning signs
  • When to see a doctor and which type of doctor to speak to before wasting your money on various specialists, tests, scans, and procedures
  • How to navigate denial, both in the patient and caregivers — denial can stand in the way of the earliest, most effective treatments
  • Why the prevalence of Alzheimer’s is four times lower in India than in the U.S. — and how you can take advantage of India’s secret
  • The truth about ginkgo biloba and other supplements and natural approaches — what they can and can’t do for your cognitive decline
  • Strategies for caregivers — when it’s time to ask for help (the stresses of caregiving put you at increased risk of heart disease, depression, and anxiety)
  • Lifestyle habits that protect your brain — just going for a 20-minute walk can lower your risk of dementia substantially
  • The state of the science in today’s most common and effective Alzheimer’s medications — and how best to take them.

You’ll meet Linda and Ron. They came to me for a second opinion because Ron’s medication wasn’t improving his symptoms.

What they didn’t realize was that the medication had been keeping his symptoms stable . . . so when he stopped taking it, he got much worse, much faster.

Dr. Small will help you set expectations for what medications can and can’t do, and how to get the best possible outcomes from them.

From diagnosis to those final moments of life, experiencing Alzheimer’s as a patient or a caregiver is scary, daunting, confusing, and, at times, infuriating.

The Small Guide to Alzheimer’s Disease will walk you through every step and stage of the disease . . .

“Millions of people are impacted every day by Alzheimer’s. Those who get this mind-blowing disease and those who care for them deserve this guide.”

—Maria Shriver

You’ll learn what to expect and the strategies to minimize the impact of this terrifying disease — on the patient and the caregiver . . .

It will give you resources for live-in home care, occasional home care, or inpatient care — and how to get financial assistance for each of them . . .

How to find and enroll in clinical trials and the eight questions you should ask before agreeing to enroll . . .

And SO much more.

A comprehensive and invaluable reference, The Small Guide to Alzheimer’s Disease is valued at $24.99, but you can . . .

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  • How the disease progresses . . .
  • What to expect from today’s best treatment options . . .
  • How to optimize your memory and cognitive function with and without medications . . .
  • Strategies to ensure the best possible quality of life for both patient and caregivers . . .

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