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Improve Mental VigorDear Friend,

One crisp spring afternoon, 35 years ago, two young men graduated from a small Midwestern college.

They were quite similar, these two young friends. Both had achieved better than average grades and were popular in school. And as young graduates are, both were optimistic about their future.

Improve Mental Vigor

Recently, these men met up for dinner at a local eatery to catch up on their lives.

To some degree, they still seemed somewhat alike.

Both were now 56 years old, married with adult children, and even lived in the same county.

But there was a difference.

One man was frequently moody and could barely make a decision from the menu. His memory was poor and his thinking sluggish. He was overweight and, despite his Type 2 diabetes, he had a fondness for fast and fatty foods — and armchair sports. He'd never risen above his mid-level business position.

The other man, however, was happy, healthy, and trim. He often received compliments on his keen intelligence and ability to multitask with ease. Owning his own successful company allowed him to take time off to enjoy the active sports and hobbies he loved.

What Made the Difference?

Have you ever wondered, just as I have, what makes such a striking difference in people's lives?

It isn't necessarily talent or hard work, or even genetics. And it certainly isn't that one person wants to succeed while the other one doesn't.

The real difference lies in the effective functioning of the one organ we so often neglect to make a priority — our brain.

The real difference lies in whether you train your brain to operate at peak performance — or let it deteriorate with disuse and aging.

And that's why I'm writing you today.

The good news is that, regardless of genetic endowment, age, or even your past experiences, it is possible to rev up your own "mental speedometer."

Think Faster, Think Smarter

Thinking faster not only helps you react more effectively to everyday situations, but in all practical terms makes you smarter, too.

Your memory remains sharp, you can multitask with less stress, and even solve problems in a more creative and effective manner.

Plus, certain brain chemicals make it easier for you to maintain a healthy weight — and even reduce your chance for developing diabetes or Alzheimer's disease.

And that's why the editors of Dr. Gary Small's Mind Health Report recently put together a special report showing you how to speed up your mental performance and brain functioning.

An Opportunity for You Like No Other

My fondest hope for you is to let the experts featured in Dr. Gary Small's Mind Health Report take you by the hand — and personally guide you to develop a brain that can open the door to your new and improved life.

And we've made it so easy.

In fact, we've set aside a copy of this FREE report just for you with this special offer.

In this report, Think Faster, Think Smarter: How to Speed Up Your Mental Performance, you'll discover Dr. Eric Braverman's program specifically designed to speed up your thinking process.

You'll see:

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  • How to increase levels of neurotransmitters that not
    only speed up your brain processes, but also help with
    weight loss, diabetes prevention and remission, and
    even improve your outlook on life . . .
  • How a special B vitamin — called choline — is critical for your brain speed and general health (Plus, you'll get a quick guide to choline-rich foods you can easily add to your diet) . . .
  • How to avoid the vicious cycle of weight gain that can actually injure your brain cells (Warning: If you crave fatty foods, your brain is at special risk) . . .
  • Simple dietary and supplement tips that support your overall
    rain health . . .
  • The best types of exercise to give you a mental edge and allow you to
    enjoy your life to the fullest . . .
  • And much more . . .

And that's not all. You'll also find:

  • Little-known secrets to help you "unchain" your brain from addictive behaviors
    like drinking, smoking, gambling, shopping — even sex (Tiger Woods should
    have had this information) . . .
  • CAUTION: See why happy hour can double your risk for brain stroke . . .
  • Do you know the best hours for restorative sleep? Here's how to derive the
    most benefits from those zzz's . . .
  • Why "lucky charms" really do work to help improve your mental performance . . .
  • How spending as little as five minutes in a natural environment can boost both your
    mood and self-esteem (Plus, the activity doesn't even need to be physically intense) . . .
  • The truth about growth hormone supplements and injections (Do they really
    make you younger?) . . .
  • This simple vitamin will cut your risk of Alzheimer's as much as 54 percent (Unfortunately, many
    people take an inferior form of this supplement — don't you make this mistake) . . .
  • Plus much, much more . . .

Think Faster and Be Smarter, Starting Today!

Plus, to help keep your brain and mind sharp as a tack, we'll also give you another gift . . .

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Dr. Gary Small's Mind Health Report

Newsmax is proud to publish Dr. Gary Small's Mind Health Report: Secrets to Unlocking Your Mind for Work, Love and Life.

Dr. Gary Small's Mind Health Report

Dr. Gary Small's Mind Health ReportThat's because it's just like having renowned doctors and scientists briefing you personally (and in plain English) about what's happening in brain science today. And most importantly, what this means — in practical terms — to you and your health.

Each and every issue brims over with the latest advancements in mind and brain research from the far-reaching frontiers of science and medicine.

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Your Peak Performance

Let's face it . . . Without a healthy brain, you have no quality of life.

But with critical information regarding every aspect of brain and mind health right at your fingertips — well, just imagine how much more you can do with your life . . .

And with Dr. Gary Small's Mind Health Report, you'll have access to the most up-to-date and crucial health information — 100 percent focused on keeping your brain healthy and functioning at its greatest capacity.

Each month, you'll find:

Feature Articles. Top experts will take you by the hand — and give you practical techniques to help you improve and expand your brain function.

You'll enjoy topics such as:

  • Simple and fun brain exercises
  • Diet advice for a happy brain
  • Lifestyle tips to keep your mind alert
  • Memory disorders and how to reverse them
  • Natural supplements that aid mental functioning
  • Physical exercises that don't wear you out
  • How to deal with stress and insomnia
  • Mind-related disorders such as depression, dementia, and others
  • And much, much more

Questions and Answers. Because this newsletter is for you, leading physicians will answer questions you have about your own brain health, what you've read about in the news relating to current mind health topics, or other medical issues you find helpful.

Mind Health Insights. Here, new findings in research give you plenty to think about in terms of what you can do to boost your own brainpower, and ultimately your overall health. You'll find tips, tricks, and techniques to improve your brain capabilities simply and easily.

Reinvigorate Your Brain, Starting Today!

So enjoy your FREE report, Think Faster, Think Smarter: How to Speed Up Your Mental Performance, and audition Dr. Gary Small's Mind Health Report for 3 months at our expense.

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All you need to do right now is to take one simple, positive step.

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To your healthy, revved-up brain at any age,

Nancy Reynolds
For Newsmax Health

P.S.: Remember those two men I told you about at the beginning of this letter? Their lives got off to such a similar start — yet have ended up so differently. And what made their lives so different? A brain that operates at peak performance. Your brain can improve to this peak level with the right tools, so don't delay!

P.P.S.: Besides receiving your FREE report, Think Faster, Think Smarter: How to Speed Up Your Mental Performance, don't lose out on your 3-month trial of Dr. Gary Small's Mind Health Report — a Newsmax exclusive.

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